There’s a difference between hoping for more business growth and it actually taking place.

Company managers and owners can wish to have more orders, which is good for setting vision and even shared company-wide goals. 

But getting there can sometimes be the tricky part. Beyond daydreaming, you have to assess if your organization is up to the challenge of stronger growth, and if not, what you’ll need to do to get there.

Do you need more people? More space for them? More equipment and machinery? Or just better, faster processes of what you have now?

All of these questions can be answered as you anticipate how you’d handle business growth. This will hopefully pay off when growth happens and your organization is ready for it, instead of those who experience stress, confusion and “growing pains” throughout the whole organization.

Strategies to boost business growth can include:

Finding extra uses for what you create. Does some of your product go to waste that can be repackaged? Do customers tell you that they find value from your product, even if it isn’t the actual intent (like pain relief cream that also helps skin.) Can you bundle several related products together for better value?

Expanded markets. Would people outside your market be interested in your products or service? Taking this step might require a greater presence in this area, including stronger sales and distribution. It also can benefit from assessing the potential of that area, like a detailed marketing report showing potential benefits and challenges.

New offerings. Consumers are always looking for something new to improve their lives. Small businesses may not necessarily have access to entire R&D departments, but they still can come up with unique offers, fun promotions, and creative ways to get people to place orders. This is an opportunity to ask some of your people if they have any observations or thoughts about ways to do what they do better, since often field workers are able to develop their own solutions.

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