Productivity is defined as “the effectiveness of productive effort.” For entrepreneurs and employers, productivity is lifeblood of an organization. Here are seven tips to improve your efficiency:

Have a to-do list each day

Write down what you need to accomplish each day. Organize the list by importance and urgency. Tackle the projects that are urgent and important first. Do the things that need to get done first.

Outsource projects that aren’t urgent and that anyone can do

Spend time on projects only you can do. Get rid of unnecessary things. Focus on your most important goals.

Take breaks

It sounds counterintuitive but taking breaks can increase your productivity. Spend your time doing something that recharges you, both physically and mentally. When you come back to your desk, you’ll be ready to be productive.

Stay focused on why you do what you do

Remember the why of your business. You need motivation to be productive. Keep a picture of your family on your desk. Remember the customers you help. Think about your employees that have a good job because of your company.

Manage your energy

Along with taking breaks, you need to have good habits that contribute to your well-being. Eat healthy, not junk food. Sleep well. Exercise. When you feel good physically, you’ll be able to be more productive.

Develop self-discipline

Without self-discipline, you won’t get much done each day. Limit your distractions and temptations when you’re working. Set detailed, measurable and achievable goals. When you meet your goals, reward yourself. Be accountable to another person for meeting your goals.

Take advantage of technology

Use software that keeps your team on task. Trello, Asana or Slack are all good products that help you manage big projects and encourage communication. You may also want a personal time management app that helps you stay focused.

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