If you’re like most of us, you probably spend most of your time at the office. The office environment can become particularly stressful, especially in today’s ultra-competitive business world, affecting our productivity, health and home life. Positivity can help alleviate this stress, though. Not only will positivity help you feel better about the time you spend at work, but your positive attitude will become contagious throughout the office environment. Unleash the power of positivity in your office environment with these 12 tips:

1. Be grateful.

Studies show that gratitude in the workplace reduces workplace stress. When you show gratitude, you let others know that their efforts made a difference. A simple “thank you” or short, gracious email can initiate the spread of gratitude like a contagion, creating a better office environment for everyone.

2. Share your gratitude with others.

When we write down that for which we are grateful, our brains begin to physically change in positive ways. Write down several things about your boss, team, or workplace for which you are grateful. Include a coworker in your list, and share the list with them.

3. Accentuate the positive in others.

Highlight to others what you see them doing right. Share with others what about them or their work impresses you. Let someone know why you admire them or enjoy working with them.

4. Sow happiness.

Your brain knows when your facial muscles and nerves are laughing or smiling, and your brain will feel happier even if you can only muster a single one. Emotions tend to follow action, and emotions can spread like wildfire. The smile and your own happiness will, in turn, create happiness in others with whom you work, creating a more positive office environment for all.

5. Celebrate even the small wins.

At your next meeting, share with the group some small win by your team. If you work alone, it’s perfectly fine to share your own wins.

6. Celebrate anything!

Pass around a card for a birthday or work anniversary.  Brink cupcakes to celebrate project milestones. You can always find a reason and a way to celebrate, even in an office environment!

7. Motivate people.

Even if you play a minor role in your office, you can get others moving by first motivating yourself. Post upbeat photos or quotes on your wall or computer screen for others to see. What motivates you may motivate them, and it may get others moving, too!

8. Get that blood pumping!

A little bit of exercise can go a long way. Even if you only have 15 minutes free after you finish lunch, get out and take a short, brisk walk, or hold a meeting with coworkers while you walk together. This will increase the feel-good chemicals in your brain and increase your feelings of positivity.

9. Foster fun.

Encourage having fun at your workplace to increase positivity in your office environment. Invent “goofy hat day”.  Decorate your cubicle or office with work-appropriate, but fun and entertaining, pictures or memes.

10. Respond, rather than react.

Instead of becoming defensive about something with which you disagree, stop for a moment before saying anything. Take a few seconds to formulate a positive response. An intelligent response is almost always going to come out more positive than a knee-jerk reaction.

11. Show random kindness.

Share your snack or meal with someone. Show concern for others’ personal well-being by asking about things you know they’re struggling with. Just be nice for no reason at all.

12. Encourage others to be positive, too.

Your positivity will, no doubt, encourage positivity in your coworkers. You can create even more positivity in others by anonymously posting uplifting or motivational quotes in a public area or writing an article on positivity for the company newsletter.

You may think that you have no control over the actions and attitudes of your coworkers and supervisors. While you may not have direct control, you can exert an influence on others to improve everyone’s morale. Implementing just a few these 12 tips to will create cyclical happiness and positivity in your office environment, allowing you to influence your office environment in a positive way, no matter your position.

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