You and your employees should, hopefully, be all about providing stellar customer service.

Being able to help people access what you offer not only helps them have a good experience but builds loyalty.

In our age of online reviews, social media and testimonials, excellent customer service experience could have a ripple effect. Customers are likely to tell their friends, and hopefully their positive experience will bring in more customers.

Likewise, a poor experience can spread even further faster, which is why it’s vital to make sure service is always perfect.

Online presence

Beyond person-to-person interactions, companies can impress people with the set-up of their web site. Because this is how some people may first encounter the company, the site has to present quite a lot, and often opinions are made in the first few seconds of visiting.

That’s why the design of a site is vital, not just the information or functionality of it. This means that every element on the site should be designed to get people excited about your products, service or entire company, and hopefully buy. This means, at minimum, you need to have appealing fonts, colors and pages that are easy to navigate. It also means the site is free of amateurish mistakes like bad colors, slow loads, broken links or misspelled words.

These following strategies can help your site be memorable and satisfying:

• Focus on good impression, every visit. If they find things to like the first time, make sure there are other things for them to look in future visits.

• Minimize words. A site shouldn’t be compared to a newspaper or a book. Because the modern site visitor tends to skim vs. fully read something, look for ways to break up big blocks of copy or move text to other pages.

• Make it easy for them to ‘think about it.’ If you offer e-commerce, make sure customers have the ability to ‘store’ stuff in their cart for future purchases.

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