If you have dreamed up a terrific opportunity for a product that consumers in the country really must have, but you lack the capital to proceed, you’ll need to find some investors. Before you approach these investors, you should have some ideas in mind which portray your proposal in the best possible light, so that you have the greatest chance of encouraging their interest.

Things to include in your pitch

For starters, you should have a very detailed business plan available, with an executive summary which describes your business, and why consumers will want to buy your products or services. You’ll also need to outline your company’s goals and objectives, include a market analysis, provide sketches of your team members, and develop tables which depict profits, cash flow, and financial projections. 

Another good preparatory step is to come with a proof of concept, which means any kind of demonstration that you are already on the road to company growth. A working prototype of your dynamic new product would be helpful, as would increasing traffic to your website. These are things which will help your investors become comfortable with the idea that you know what you’re doing, and you have planned out how to get where you’re going.

Things to avoid in your pitch

The first thing you need to avoid in your pitch is the notion that you will be able to walk into a room and convey your pitch terms without any prior rehearsal. You should practice making your pitch to some of your team members, so they can critique it, and point out any oversights or other issues. Another thing to avoid is any kind of ambiguity or vague terms when you are discussing the amount of money you need, and what it will be used for. Investors will want to know that you have a solid plan in place, and that you have a clear idea on how any money will be spent to help achieve your goals.

Would your small business benefit by having an investor? 

Investors come in all varieties, and if your company would benefit by having a financial investor, we may be able to provide the financial assistance you need. Contact us at Business Capital Providers to find out if there is some way we can invest in your business operation to help your business grow.