Unlimited Financing to Build Your Company

Imagine having quick and easy access to the funds you need to take proper care of your customers, employees and business. Accounts receivable financing is a way to do just that all without taking on more unnecessary debt. As long as you allow customers to pay in at least 90 days for your products or services, this particular financing option could be the perfect match for you.

We Can Help Nearly Every Type of Business

What’s so great about financing receivables is it’s an ideal solution for businesses in various situations, including:

  • Companies that are losing money
  • Businesses that have filed bankruptcy
  • Companies that are just getting up and running
  • Businesses that don’t wish to take on more debt

Something else we like to point out with accounts receivable is the fact your financing is based on your customers’ credit, not yours. We’re sure you’ll appreciate this, as it means you don’t have to worry about a dinged credit score. There’s also the fact it might be a credit score that’s kept you from securing financing with traditional banks in the past.

Not familiar with financing receivables? We’d love nothing better than to tell you more about them. Get in touch with a Business Capital Providers representative today to learn more.