There’s much more to strategizing for business growth than just visualizing it in your mind – you really need to develop an actual plan which will help you achieve the kind of growth you want. Here are a few tips about how you can plan out the steps which will help you achieve your goals for business growth.

Identify your target audience

First, it will be necessary to define exactly who you are targeting with your products and/or services. These are the consumers who are purchasing from you now, and those whom you expect to purchase from you in the future. Constantly keep this consumer segment in mind as you seek growth.

Define your value proposition

What is it about your product or service that makes it unique among your competitors? Whatever these points are, you will need to emphasize them in your pitch to a target audience, so they have a reason to choose you over rivals.

Emphasize your strengths

Rather than trying to shore up any weaknesses your business might have, you should spend the majority of your efforts toward business growth on emphasizing what your strengths are.

Keep an eye on competitors

Even though you have your own unique value proposition, you shouldn’t lose sight of what your competition is doing. For instance, if they’re making use of some brand new technology which can change the game, you may need to consider adopting that same technology.

Consider your revenue streams

Identify all your current revenue streams, and then consider how these might need to be augmented in order for you to achieve the kind of business growth you’re seeking. It may be that you need to somehow make existing streams more robust, or you may need to add entirely new revenue streams in the future.

Look to your Key Performance Indicators

You should constantly monitor your key performance indicators, because they will tell you how your business is doing. If you can’t measure change in your business, you’ll never know whether those changes had a positive or negative impact. By constantly monitoring KPI’s, you’ll know what’s working and what needs modification, to help you achieve real business growth.