Your company may have experienced the effects of the labor shortage which is currently in effect, since the number of skilled construction laborers has diminished in recent years. There are several ways that you can overcome this business problem, so that you can proceed with that important project which is scheduled to be started.

Do labor recruiting all year around

Rather than waiting until you actually need skilled construction personnel for a given project, it would be worth your while to recruit talented construction workers throughout the year. Even if you’re too busy to take on this activity yourself, you may want to hire a temporary person who can scour the local talent pool to find the right individuals.

Train your existing employees

If there are construction positions which need to be filled and you just can’t find local talent to fill them, you may want to consider training some of your current talented employees to fill those positions. You can offer financial incentives and bonuses to some individuals to encourage their interest in taking on new and different responsibilities.

Retain your best workers

While you are beating the bushes trying to find new talent for your construction labor workforce, don’t overlook the possibility of losing some of the talent you already have on hand. It would be very advisable to consider offering incentives to some of your most skilled workers, to make sure they don’t defect and run to a competitor.

Appeal to students

Building relationships with nearby trade schools can be a fruitful effort on your part, as can offering internships to students who are willing to learn the construction business. Training students to do skilled construction work can be very helpful to your business in both the short-term and the long-term, as many of these individuals will stay with your firm for several years.

Do you have a construction industry labor shortage? 

If you’re involved in the construction industry and you’re facing a labor shortage, one way you can still achieve success is by increasing your investment in the labor force. Contact us at Business Capital Providers to explore some options on how we might be able to assist in that area.